Carrie Nowell

Carrie Nowell is a recent alumna of UHP with a degree in Management with a concentration in Organizational Management. Carrie not only finished up her senior year in May 2017, but she also wrapped up her term as the UNC Charlotte Student Body Vice President for the 2016-2017 term. Carrie first became involved with the Student Government Association (SGA) during her junior year when she was asked to serve as the Secretary for Academic Affairs in the cabinet of the previous Student Body President and Vice President. This position helped Carrie to realize how important the platform of student government could be in implementing the changes she wished to see at UNC Charlotte. So along with Presidential Candidate Fahn Darkor, they put together a coordinated campaign using social media and student outreach and won the election.

Many students forget about the role of SGA in their college experience, but as Carrie phrases it, “governmental decisions impact you whether or not you choose to impact them. It’s important to at least know what’s being advocated for on your behalf as a student and if you don’t like it or think you can contribute - get involved!” There are ways for all students to get involved in SGA, whether they are interested in running for office or not. Unlike many organizations, these opportunities are available on a rolling basis and students are encouraged to check out the SGA website throughout the year to find out how they can get involved.

According to Carrie, she enjoyed her time in SGA because of the passionate student leaders and friends who she ment along the way and because of their opportunity to work together to make a lasting change on campus. Carrie led the push to change UNC Charlotte’s graduation gowns from black to UNC Charlotte green, and ultimately brought it as a referendum to the student body, where it received overwhelming support.

Carrie has taken some of the skills she has learned in her time in SGA to the Education Advisory Board, a higher education consulting firm in Washington, DC, where she works as a Strategic Research Associate. We look forward to seeing more of the lasting change that Carrie will implement.