Our application for Fall 2018 will open in September.


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How to Apply:

We encourage you to apply to UNC Charlotte as early as possible in the application cycle so that your application will be complete prior to our deadline. Applying to UHP is completed through our online application system. You will need to have the following materials prepared in order to use our online application system:

1. An updated resume that presents your information in the same format and order as this template. Be sure that your resume:

  • Provides adequate detail to describe your accomplishments.
  • Is your own work.
  • Delineates an honest and specific record of your achievements. Do not include information you cannot document with facts or actions.
  • Lists your achievements in reverse chronological order, meaning your most recent first and earlier ones following.
  • Is carefully proofread. After drafting your resume, you may ask others to review it and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • Is no longer than two pages.
  • Is saved as a PDF document.

2. An original essay: You will find the essay guidelines and prompt here.

  • Please make sure to specifically address the prompt provided. Essays that do not address the prompt will not be considered.
  • Your essay should be between 750 – 1000 words and should be saved in PDF format.

3. Contact information for your recommender(s): You will enter the name and contact information for your recommender(s) as you complete our online application. We will contact your recommender(s) with detailed instructions for how they can submit their letter online. At least one letter of recommendation is required and must come from a teacher. A second and third letter is optional but strongly suggested.

  • At least one recommendation(s) must come from a faculty member (this means a high school teacher or professor) and the letter should describe your potential for contributing to UHP.
    • The best letters come from academic teachers who know you well enough to address how you handle new concepts, think, and problem solve. A teacher who can address your recent performance is necessary, and it is helpful to choose a teacher who could also provide information about your character, personality, and/or leadership skills. A teacher you have taken classes with over several years can provide valuable information about your growth over time.
  • Give your recommenders plenty of lead time. Teachers have busy schedules and writing detailed letters of recommendation is a time consuming process. Asking at the last minute is never a good strategy. Plan ahead and make sure to ask your teachers to write letters well in advance of the deadline. Provide them with your personal statements, essays, and resume so that they have plenty of material to reference as they write their letter.
    • Your letters of recommendation must be received in our system by the application deadline of December 1 (early deadline) or March 15.
  • If you would like to read more about getting a great letter of recommendation, the College Board addresses the topic here.

4. Your UNC Charlotte identification number (provided with your acceptance to UNC Charlotte). If you do not yet have your UNC Charlotte identification number, you can leave this field blank on our application.

What happens after you submit your online application?

  • You will receive an email confirmation when your application is received.
  • Your recommenders will receive an email that includes instructions for how to submit their recommendation letters.
  • You should follow up with your recommenders to make sure they received the email and to remind them to submit letters prior to the application deadline.
  • You may check your application status through our portal.
  • You may be contacted for further information or for an interview.