The UHP curriculum serves as a complement to your major and provides flexibility so that you have time to engage in research, internships, and study abroad experiences tailored to your interests. On average, UHP members take one honors course per semester. You also have the option of joining departmental and college honors programs, if you desire. You may print the curriculum and advising worksheet to assist your planning of your academic schedule.

How do I find honors sections when developing my schedule? Honors course offerings rotate from semester to semester. Courses that are part of the UHP curriculum are listed in two places - through Liberal Studies (LBST) and through University Honors (HONR). Any Liberal Studies courses you take must be noted as honors sections in order to fulfill UHP requirements. Look for  section numbers that begin with "H" to denote honors sections. You may take non-honors LBST courses but they will not count toward your UHP electives.