Membership in the University Honors Program requires active engagement in all areas of our program. To help you create an academic schedule that provides space to meet UHP expectations, you will receive priority registration each semester you are in good standing with UHP. Priority registration is a true privilege that is offered only to a very small number of students on campus.

All members must meet the following expectations each semester:


  • Maintain progression towards completing the UHP curriculum: On average, this equates to one honors course per semester. To ensure that you are on track, stay in regular contact with your honors advisor.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 overall and 3.2 in honors courses.

Each semester, members must:

  • Attend ALL UHPSA general body meetings (typically 3 a year)
  • Participate in 2 UHPSA social events
  • Participate in at least 2 community service events with UHP
    • Serving with other members of UHP is one way that we bond as a community so we ask that you commit to 2 UHP service opportunities each semester. We encourage all of our members to engage in additional service individually and/or with other organizations and to let us know if you have new ideas for community partnerships.
  • Attend at least 1 enrichment event. These include academic and cultural enrichment events that help diversify perspective. Each semester there are many enrichment opportunities to chose from both on and off campus. A list of enrichment events cane be found here.

All UHP approved events can be found in our Helper Helper app. If you have a suggestion for a UHP event, contact us in advance of the event.

Honors Probation

Each semester, your engagement in the above areas is assessed at mid-semester and end of semester.  If you are not fulfilling the expectations in any given semester, you will be notified and placed on UHP probation. A student who falls below "Good Standing" standards  is given a one-time, one-semester grace period to come back into good standing with the program.  Students on honors probation may retain currently registered honors courses and maintain current honors residency. A student on probation must continue to be active in all aspects of the program. If a student does not come back into good standing at the end of their probationary period they will be removed from the program. Members are only allowed one semester of probation.