General Questions

How do I keep track of the latest UHP news and events?

Each week current UHP communicates announcements and events via Canvas announcements that are delivered to your email inbox. Should you miss an email, you can always find it in the Canvas announcement section.

How do I know what UHP events are occurring during the semester?

All UHP events are listed in the calendar on our website. We also highlight upcoming events via Canvas, announcements, and UHPSA meetings.

Other than taking honors classes, what is expected of UHP members each semester?


Active engagement in the University Honors Program means participating consistently in three areas of the program: academics, community service, and enrichment experiences. Members of UHP in good standing have priority registration to create a schedule that allows them to actively engage with the UHP requirements each semester.

Where is the University Honors Program located?

We are located in the administrative wing of Levine Hall.

Advising and Class Registration Questions

Can I take a non-honors section of LBST?

In order to meet the academic course requirements for UHP, you should take honors sections of LBST courses.  Of course you may take a non-honors section of an LBST course, but it will not fulfill any honors credit hour requirements.

Where do I find a complete listing of all honors offerings in the UNC Charlotte schedule?

Log into your account and follow the links to register for classes as you normally would for your major or minor.  Unfortunately, there is no way to see every honors course offered in one place. Some honors classes (the ones with the prefix HONR) will be found under the heading in the drop down box entitled “University Honors”, whereas other classes in the UHP curriculum will be found under “Liberal Studies” (LBST)- just make sure you’re selecting HONR sections of the liberal study classes. Honors sections of UWRT 1103 will be found under the heading “University Writing Program”.

Scholarship Opportunities

I am a continuing student in UHP. What scholarship opportunities are available for me?


There are a number of scholarship opportunities for continuing UHP students in good standing. All of them, including the new Martin Scholars, are found in the NinerScholars portal.

Who can I talk to about prestigious awards and scholarships?


It is never too early to consider applying for prestigious awards and scholarships that can fund advanced undergraduate studies and graduate studies. Please make an appointment with Ms. James to discuss these opportunities.

Juniors and Seniors

If I plan to complete the UHP capstone project, what do I need to do?

You will enroll in HONR 3790 during the first semester of your senior year and HONR 3791 during your final semester. Note that HONR 3790 is only offered in the fall semester and HONR 3791 is only offered in the spring semester. If you plan to graduate in December, you will need to begin the project three semesters prior to your anticipated graduation date. You must earn a grade of A in HONR 3791 in order to graduate with honors.

What do I need to do to prepare for graduation with honors distinction?


First, you need to decide if you would like to complete the UHP capstone project or complete departmental honors. The difference is that departmental honors are discipline specific and not every department offers this option. Additionally, you must apply and be accepted to these programs. With either option, you will be selecting faculty to work with you throughout the senior year. You can find a list of departments offering junior/senior honors here.

What is application to candidacy? When do I need to complete this?

All seniors must complete this process the semester prior to their planned graduation. You can review the deadlines here.