UHP Commencement Medallion

UHP Distinction at Commencement

When you graduate with University Honors Distinction, you will receive the UHP graduation medallion to wear as part of your academic regalia at commencement. You may also receive other medallions and cords to wear from other programs and societies you are involved with. Your honors distinction will be noted in the commencement program and your official UNC Charlotte transcript will bear the inscription “University Honors.” If you have participated in dual honors, the name of your secondary honors program will also be noted on your transcript.

Requirements for Graduating with University Honors Program Distinction

Students who successfully complete all requirements of the University Honors Program will graduate with University Honors Distinction. Those requirements include:

  • An overall grade point average of 3.0

  • An overall grade point average of 3.2 in all honors courses

  • Completion of all curricular, progression, and participation requirements for UHP

  • Approval of the Honors Project Proposal and the Application to Candidacy by the UHP Director and the Honors College

  • Completion of the UHP capstone project (HONR 3790 and HONR 3791) or a college of departmental honors equivalent with a grade of “A.”