Sophomores: You will need to begin contemplating which form of honors you would like to obtain: University Honors or dual honors. If you wish to acquire dual honors, you should be aware that some departments require specific course sequences and are very limited in how many students they accept into their program. Preparation is very important to ensure a smooth junior and senior year.

Juniors: You will need to begin setting your plans in motion to enable you to have a smooth senior year. We recommend that all students consult with Ms. James in their sophomore year to consider their options. Regardless of which option you chose, you will need to start identifying faculty members you would like to serve as on your honors committee. 

Seniors: Make sure you are registered for the appropriate courses to complete your honors courses. Work closely with Ms. James and your honors committee to complete your requirements.

The Capstone Experience

In order to fulfill requirements and graduate with UHP distinction, you will have the option of completing the UHP capstone project or complete a project/thesis in your college or major department.  Determining which option to select is an important and irreversible decision so you should fully investigate both options in order to make an informed choice.  A brief description of the options is as follows:

  • Departmental or College Honors: If you are interested in this option you must determine if your department or college offers an honors program, determine what coursework is required, apply to join the program, and register for the appropriate classes. Successful completion of this project leads to University Honors and departmental/college honors (dual honors).
  • UHP Capstone Project: A two semester sequence of HONR 3790 (fall) and HONR 3791 (spring). This option requires the student to assemble a faculty committee to guide the student through the process which culminates with the development of an interdisciplinary electronic portfolio and a presentation of the project. Those planning to graduate in May will begin the process in the fall of their senior year and complete the process in the spring. For those planning to graduate in December, you will need to start the process a semester early. Successful completion of this project leads to University Honors distinction. You must have completed 12 hours of UHP coursework and be in good standing with UHP before you can begin your honors captone project. If you are curious about what the final product looks like, an excellent example is shown below.

Senior portfolio example
Senior portfolio example