Student Highlight: Latrice Johnson

Latrice Johnson is a member of UHP majoring in Psychology with aspirations to go to medical school. As a freshman, Latrice knew she wanted to get involved on campus in a way that would be meaningful to other students. She was drawn to the opportunity of becoming a resident advisor, or “RA”. RAs serve as peer leaders within residence halls on campus by creating personal relationships with students, supervising them throughout the year, and planning programs to encourage community. After completing the application process, Latrice was hired and placed in Witherspoon Hall where she was able to serve as an RA to Honors students. This would include not only students in UHP, but students in any Honors program or Merit Scholars Program.

Latrice especially loved serving the Honors population. As their resident advisor, she was able to witness freshman blossom into strong, independent students throughout their first year. She enjoyed helping them get more involved in the Honors community and in other organizations on campus. Latrice credits her RA position in her development of many important skills, such as: how to be flexible, how to lean on others for help, and when to prioritize leadership over friendship. To those interested in becoming an RA, Latrice advises you to be yourself and give it your all throughout the application process. It is an incredible opportunity to encourage other students as a leader and mentor.