Makala Carrington

Makala Carrington is a Public Health major and Psychology minor at UNC Charlotte. She is the current President of the Public Health Association, the Event Coordinator for Cheer Nation, a Resident Advisor in Witherspoon Hall, a Leadership Fellow, and a Wellness Ambassador. Makala applied to the University Honors Program with the intention of building connections with other students and faculty, forming interpersonal relationships, and engaging in academic curriculum that would challenge her abilities. In addition achieving these goals, she feels that her experience through the UHP service requirements, which she has come to love, have opened her up to and made her willing to serve in many different capacities by allowing her to volunteer with a variety of organizations, serving a variety of causes.

Makala has also served as an Intern for the American Red Cross, an experience that allowed her to formulate relationships with many faculty and staff members from across the University while working to set up the 49ers Blood Drive. During the experience she learned that the administration on UNC Charlotte’s campus really cares about students! Makala was overwhelmed with the amount of support she received from faculty and administrators, both in terms of her projects with the Red Cross and regarding her major, career, and graduate school. For Makala, this internship experience has been confirmation that she is on the right path with a career in service. Upon graduation, Makala plans to commission into the United States Air Force as a Public Health Officer. She is equipped to serve her community in many health capacities, however, she feels empowered to serve her country and execute her passion of promoting Public Health.