Ria (center) with fellow UHP members interning at Wells Fargo

Ria Mahajan is a computer science major with a concentration in cyber security, and a mathematics minor who completed a summer internship in Consumer Lending Technology at Wells Fargo. During her internship, she primarily worked on a project called Digital Trusted Data Source. This is a platform that supports data sharing within the organization, data leaving the organization, and data entering the organization. With the specified role of Developer/Systems Quality Assurance Analyst, she sought to create an application that would support these three data sharing functions using Java. Ria created and executed JUNIT test cases using Java and Javascript to ensure the code the team developed was functioning properly. This involved a lot of hands-on learning as she had only taken two computer science courses and had to learn two programming languages in her first couple of weeks there. This experience provided her with insight into the “adult world” and how to work on a team with vastly different ideals and schedules. Learning two coding languages through her internship has put her ahead of her classmates and allows her to add more detail and complexity to her assignments. Due to her excellent work, she was offered a part time position as a Jr. Apps Program Analyst during the school year, in which she is continuing her old project and starting a new one called Esign. She is excited to see what other opportunities await her and how she can continue to push the boundaries of her skills and abilities.