Tyriq Evans

Tyriq Evans is a member of UHP majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Secondary Education. This summer Tyriq will be serving in his second year as a mentor for the University Transition Opportunities Program (UTOP). The UTOP program began in 1986 to help underrepresented students with their transition from high school to college. As part of the program, students live and take classes at UNC Charlotte during the summer. They participate in many different activities and are supported by mentors like Tyriq, who provide guidance in their transition to college.

Tyriq first became a UTOP mentor because of the impact the program had on him as a participant. According to Tyriq, UTOP helped him to develop a family at UNC Charlotte and connected him with many other organizations and opportunities, which he has since been able to get involved with. It is Tyriq’s hope that as a mentor he will be able to serve as a role model for new students and help prepare them for the transition to college by learning important skills like time management and professionalism and by connecting them with opportunities on campus.