General Questions

Am I able to participate in other honors programs?

You have the option to participate in other honors programs during your time in UHP. If you participate in more than one honors program, you will graduate with dual honors distinction.

Are honors classes harder? Is it more work?

We like to think of honors as being different - not harder. Honors classes provide a space for students to think critically, reflect, ask questions, and debate solutions. With an average honors class size of 16 students, discussion and active engagement between professors and students occurs naturally.

Do I have to be invited to apply to UHP?

We encourage all students who feel they are a good fit for the program to apply.

What are the benefits of being accepted into UHP?

In addition to graduating with honors distinction, UHP students have access to:

  • Priority class registration
  • Honors housing
  • Exclusive UHP events
  • Freshman mentoring program
  • Small honors class size (average size is 16)
  • Individualized honors advising and mentoring
  • Working closely with professors
  • Scholarship opportunities for entering and continuing students

What is an Honors Niner and/or a UHPer?

We refer to all members of honors programs at UNC Charlotte as Honors Niners. The term UHPers is used to refer specifically to Honors Niners who are members of UHP.

What is the difference between the Honors College and UHP?

The Honors College is the front door to honors at UNC Charlotte and oversees the University Honors Program. Students in UHP and the other 28 honors programs on campus are members of the Honors College.

What is the UHPSA?


UHPSA is the University Honors Program Student Association, which is a registered student organization at UNC Charlotte. All members of UHP are automatically members of UHPSA. The UHPSA is run by elected student members of UHP (the UHPSA Executive Board) who plan and coordinate events and communicate the happenings of UHP to the membership.

What is the University Honors Program (UHP)?

UHP provides a comprehensive multi-year experience that combines an interdisciplinary academic curriculum with community engagement and personal development.  It is not a major or a minor. Completion of all UHP requirements and being in good standing with the program results in graduation with University Honors distinction.

Who can join UHP?

UHP is a multi-year experience. Most of our members join as entering freshman and spend four years with us. It is possible to join UHP at the beginning of your second or third semester at UNC Charlotte.

Advising and Class Registration Questions

Can I take a non-honors section of LBST?

In order to meet the academic course requirements for UHP, you should take honors sections of LBST courses.  Of course you may take a non-honors section of an LBST course, but it will not fulfill any honors credit hour requirements.

What are the academic requirements for being in UHP?

The UHP curriculum must be completed over the course of your undergraduate career. You must make steady progress toward completing your UHP requirements each year you are in the program. You may find the curriculum worksheet here.  

What if I want to study abroad?

We highly recommend that our students consider an education abroad experience. Contact the Office of Education Abroad to learn more.

Scholarship Opportunities

What scholarship opportunities are available for entering freshman?

Entering freshmen applying to the Honors College may apply to the Albert Engineering Leadership Scholars Program and Martin Scholars.

Who can I talk to about prestigious awards and scholarships?


It is never too early to consider applying for prestigious awards and scholarships that can fund advanced undergraduate studies and graduate studies. Please make an appointment with Ms. James to discuss these opportunities.

New Student Questions

Can I join an FLC and be part of UHP?

Becoming a part of a Freshman Learning Community in your first year can have its advantages, especially if it helps you become more involved in your chosen major department. However, keep in mind that UHP has similarities to a FLC. If you choose to be in a FLC or another honors program along with UHP, you will need to elect all the courses required of both programs.  The HONR 1700 Freshman Colloquium is required of all entering first year students.

Do I have to attend Venture Adventure?

Yes! This is a fantastic introduction to our program and its members.

How do I register for honors classes?

Since you are a member of the University Honors Program, you may register for UWRT 1103 (honors), HONR 1700, and honors sections of LBST courses. As a new student, you may not register for HONR 3700 courses during your first semester.

What classes do I take during my first semester in UHP?


In your first semester you are required to take HONR 1700.  It is highly recommended that you also take Honors UWRT 1103; if you have the course equivalency for UWRT 1103, you are exempt from taking this writing class.

Who will advise me during SOAR and assist me with creating my class schedule?


You will meet with an academic advisor at SOAR who is knowledgable about the major you have selected. Be sure to inform your advisor that you are in the University Honors Program and give them a copy of your UHP SOAR Advising Worksheet. We invite you to drop by our office during SOAR is you have any questions about registering for honors classes.

Will I automatically be placed in Honors Housing?

No. You must initiate the change in request or preference for honors housing yourself. We will verify your eligibility for honors housing, but you must follow all Housing forms and policies. Work directly with the Housing Office.

Will I be able to join a sorority or fraternity or other groups on campus?

UHP complements, not dominates your undergraduate career.  It also opens doors to other organizations and options on campus. We encourage our members to take advantage of all the opportunities available to them at UNC Charlotte.

Will I be paired with a mentor?


Yes, all new members of UHP will receive a mentor who is a member of the UHP Ambassador team.