The UHP curriculum serves as a complement to your major and provides flexibility so that you have time to engage in research, internships, and study abroad experiences tailored to your interests. On average, UHP members take one honors course per semester. You also have the option of joining departmental and college honors programs, if you desire. The curriculum and advising worksheet can assist your planning of your academic schedule.

A signature feature of the UHP curriculum includes honors courses (HONR 3700) that center around subjects that are anything but ordinary. Offerings from recent semesters include:

  • A Brief History of Imagination
  • Art as Contemplative Practice
  • Mixed-Race Theory
  • Cult of Personality: Living in an Age of Media and Celebrity
  • Ordering the World
  • The Constitutional Right of Privacy
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Reading in Slow Motion
  • Italian Mafia Through Italian Film

We are often asked if honors classes are harder than other classes. Our answer is that honors is not harder, it is simply different. Honors classes provide a space for students to think critically, reflect, ask questions, and debate solutions. With an average honors class size of 17 students, discussion and active engagement between professors and students occurs naturally.