Continuing UHP students have a number of scholarship opportunities available. Each of the following scholarship opportunities can be accessed through the NinerScholars portal.

Martin Scholarships

Continuing students and transfer students in UHP are elligble to apply for the Martin Scholarship. The Martin Scholarships are open to students who are Pell-eligible with zero Expected Family Contribution. Martin Scholars receive an average award of $3,000 per semester, although award amounts are evaluated on a per-semester basis and are equal to the individual student’s unmet financial need based on the cost of attendence for a semester as determined by the Office of Financial Aid. The award is renewable until the student receives their undergraduate degree. The total value of the award for a four year student is on average $35,000, incuding the stipend to study abroad.  In addition to the semesterly award, Martin Scholars are eligible for a stipend valued between $3,000-$6,000 to participate in a study abroad experience or internship opportunity. Students interested in applying for the Martin Scholars Program must do so through the NinerScholars Portal.

Delbridge E. Narron Scholarship

This scholarship funds annual enrollment expenses for a rising junior or rising senior who is enrolled full-time in the University Honors Program and/or is pursuing departmental honors. Recipient must present evidence of character as demonstrated through his or her involvement in community service work or reasonably similar extracurricular activities; recipient must present evidence of a commitment to learning, an open mind, and an acceptance of diverse cultures, genders and sexual orientations. Financial need may be taken into consideration but is not a criterion for eligibility. Students apply in the spring through the NinerScholars Portal. Award amount: $2,000. Learn more here.

Delbridge E. Narron Travel Fund

This fund supports travel outside the United States for the Delbridge E. Narron Scholarship recipient. In the event that Delbridge E. Narron Scholarship recipient does not plan to travel abroad, other rising junior or rising senior Honors students may be awarded these funds. Recipient is encouraged to enroll in a formal study abroad program where college credit is earned; this is not, however, a requirement for the use of these funds. Students apply in the spring through the NinerScholars Portal. Award amount: $2,000. Learn more here.

Al Maisto Honors College Scholarship

This scholarship was established in honor of Dr. Albert Maisto who served as the Director of the University Honors Program beginning in 1994, and as Associate Dean of the Honors College from 2004 to 2012. Proceeds will be used to provide support to students pursuing honors. Students apply in the spring through the NinerScholars Portal. Award amount: $1,000. Learn more here.

UNC Charlotte Alumni Association Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to UNC Charlotte undergraduate students who have shown exemplary school spirit through academic success, participation in University activities, campus leadership, and service to the University and/or the general community. Applicants must be a full-time student currently enrolled at UNC Charlotte who meets the following requirements: a strong record of on or off campus community service, demonstrated campus leadership, and an earned grade point average of at least 3.4 on a 4.0 scale. Participation in a UNC Charlotte honors program is desirable, but not required. Students apply in the spring through the NinerScholars Portal. Learn more here.